This is how we strengthen businesses and
organizations and help with project development.

Strategic Planning and Business Development

Detailed written plans focused on your mission, vision, customers, services, products, finances, and growth goals, including implementation assistance.

Revenue Enhancement and Fund Development

Detailed plans and strategies for revenue enhancement.

Organizational Development

Detailed plans to assist your organization to manage change and increase its effectiveness, visibility and long term growth goals through innovation and mission focus.

Grant & Technical Writing and Technical Assistance

Detailed written funding applications to public and philanthropic resources to support your growth and program expansion goals. Detailed surveys, reports, columns and other communications to represent your organization favorably and credibly to the public, and to stakeholders, partners and funders. Economic and community development project and business funding technical and program advice, including collaboration and agency liaison support services.

Program and Proposal Development, Process Benchmarking and Best Practices

Creative development of new initiatives designed to grow your organization, from concept, to group consensus and collaboration, to written detailed plans and descriptions, to funding proposals and advocacy, and to implementation. Detailed analysis of your processes and outputs with comparisons to similar organizations, and plans to improve efficiency and effectiveness.